The Official Guide to Our Course Fees

GENERAL NOTES ( Please Read thoroughly)

(i) All our courses have the GST component included

(ii) There is no time payment for any courses unless indicated.

(iii) We have a  no cash refund policy for any reason whatsoever.

(iv)  Fees can be paid in cash, postal order or cheque made out to YINS Colleges Worldwide or            

YCW selected outlets,
or to the 
YCW/UNM Dean of Studies
Natural Therapies Centre
39 Kreta Ayer Rd
Singapore 088482

(v)  A "selected outlet" is a YCW recognised and affiliated establishment that has dealt with you application.  Check by phoning  0011 65 6323 6652  if you wish to speak with the YCW Dean of Studies for confirmation or denial of such.

(vi) The courses you select to enrol in should be in your hands within 14 days of your full payment.  Any delays will only be due to the mailing system such as a strike, inclement weather etc.  YCW will endeavour to have your package at our Post Office as soon as possible.

(vii) The Official Guide to our Courses and fees is broken up into four areas, namely:-
    a) Certificates of Proficiency ;
    b) Associate Diplomas ;
    c) Graduate, Full and Advanced Diplomas ;
    d) Degrees, Doctoral work and Professional Organizations.

(viii) There is no set academic standards for Certificate and Associate Diploma study. This includes our GDNSc program.

(ix) Entry to Full and Advanced Diploma study requires either Grade 12 or previous proven academic achievement in the Natural Therapies either from YCW or another natural health school / college outlet. For instance, hold our GDNSc qualification.

(x)  Entry to Degree programs require the candidate to be a practicing Naturopath / Acupuncturist / Homeopath et alia that has valid annual membership to one of the Therapeutic Goods Act recognized associations in Australia. Suitable candidates outside Australia are accepted for study at this level. They don't require TGA recognition.

Please print these forms, fill them up and send them to us to apply for any of our courses.

  • Official Application to join YCW/INTO
  • Official Application to study with YINS
  • Official Waiver
  • All prices are in US Dollars

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